Uan Status-How to check uan status from online

UAN status is one of the best way to check the epf amount from online but lemme tell u checking the uan status from online is not easy there is so many restriction to check the epfo balance.When we want to check the pf balance we need to create the official account from the official epfo site.

Where we need to enter all the details of our employee as well bate of birth and aadhar so that we can validate our account.if we have this kind of things then we can easily create the epf account.So when u completed the epfo account then we need to make sure that we have the contact details correctly so that we can easily login as well we get the notification direct through courier.

So after successfully creating the epf account then we can login to the epf site where we can see so many features that can help us to learn the new thing from that site.Some of the features of epf site is checking

  • uan status
  • epf passbook
  • uan login
  • uan passbook
  • pf stastus
  • online pf check

so this are the basic thing we need to check where we can see in the epfo site.So this are thing we can see in the epfo site then you cann check according to ur choice if u want to download the pf status u can simply click on the pf status.If u want to download UAN passbook then simply click on uan passbook download option.

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